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    Full-scope digital marketing agency specialized
    on performance marketing, SEO, PPC, lead generation
    and social media marketing in UAE.
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    Marketing is an investment
    and we base all our activities
    on High ROI approach.
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    Our creatives enjoy being boundless to develop
    unconventional ideas and unique approaches
    that get noticed. We utilize our in-house visual studios
    for our clients’ needs 24/7

Advertising Agency in Dubai


Professional Dubai based digital marketing agency with roots in performance marketing offering honest, bespoke, multi-channel digital marketing services. We help brands mean more to more people.

Advertising Companies in Dubai


We’ve made it our goal to work collaboratively with our clients to identify strategies that surpass all expectations. We ensure robust brand penetration, campaign efficiency and accountability with all required intel.

Advertising Agencies in Dubai


Classical SEO approach combined with a professional digital marketing agency experience to create the perfect synergy for true lead generation

Digital Agency


Scarlet digital marketing agency Dubai team of data analysts and strategists and digital analysts work shoulder to shoulder to create campaigns that motivate potential customers to take action.

Providing efficient exposure across the entire digital ecosystem

360 digital marketing agency

Digital Marketing Agency

Scarlet’s mission is to provide the most efficient and reliable performance marketing services to create a sustainable ROI-positive business proposition for your brand. Our digital marketing agency is committed to delivering a unique partnership that works to increase your sales and brand awareness, which are the ultimate goals of every business in UAE.

We utilize your brand’s success value through customized digital marketing solutions. Our solutions are always structured on a deep understanding of your objectives, environment, business model, and customers. We deliver sustainable campaigns with achievable goals through an integration of SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), content design, performance marketing and social media management. Work with us and watch your business grow, benefitting from the latest digital trends.


Experienced consultants belong on the front lines

Scarlet Digital Marketing Agency Dubai Branch

Digital Marketing Consultancy

We work & develop a strategy that matches your objectives. We then apply it across organic search, paid search, PPC, social and conversion optimization campaigns. Scarlet digital marketing agency Dubai branch will assign a dedicated consultant to keep you in the loop and give continuous support.

Social Media Management

In all its forms, social media drives traffic, when used in a clever way. As a customer relationship platform, it offers an unmatched opportunity to truly engage with your loyal and potential audience.  As an advertising tool, it is unique in its scope, flexibility, responsiveness and ROI.


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine query. SEO works on crawl, index, and render model. By itself, this model contains detailed toolsets to manage website page speed, mobile friendliness, genuine content and site index hierarchy. Be where your customer is, instead of chasing his trail.

Content Production

We create GIFs, videos, statics, carousels and dynamic creatives designed not only to be loved by your target audience, but also to be technically accepted by the search engines. Our digital marketing agency simply merge creative ideas with relevant implementations based on decades of experience.

Ecommerce Success

By continuously testing relevant, impactful and focused online experiences, we drive greater average order value and maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) via Facebook Pixel, GTM and Google Analytics.  From custom audiences, CRO and to cloud platforms, we write eCommerce success stories in the Middle East

Performance Marketing

If you have low organic traffic, we don’t use ads for performance. It would be waste. We use ads only for remarketing, when the right potential customers can see your brand in another roung, at the very moment they’re searching for what you have to offer. Not before

Feel free to contact Scarlet digital marketing agency Dubai branch anytime at +971 52 699 8809 or at mail@scarletmedia.net

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